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We are an emerging company dedicated to technology park system pipeline engineering, focusing on providing you with cutting-edge and reliable solutions. Deeply rooted in the technology industry, we understand and meet high standards of technical requirements, showcasing expertise in system integration and engineering construction.

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About our Industrial Electrical Services:

We take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of Industrial Electrical Services to meet the diverse needs of our industrial clients. Our expert team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of projects, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your industrial electrical systems. Here are some key services included:

  1. New Construction: Complete electrical solutions for new industrial construction projects.
  2. Industrial Contracting: Specialized electrical contracting services tailored for industrial facilities.
  3. Tenant Improvement: Electrical upgrades and improvements for industrial tenant spaces.
  4. Remodel/Renovation: Electrical services for remodeling and renovating existing industrial structures.
  5. Design & Build: Integrated design and construction services for seamless project execution.
  6. Emergency Stand Alone Generators: Installation and maintenance of emergency generators for uninterrupted power supply.
  7. Motor Controls: Expertise in motor control systems for industrial machinery.
  8. Machinery Hook-Ups: Electrical connections for industrial machinery installations.
  9. Electro Mechanical: Combined electrical and mechanical solutions for industrial processes.
  10. Troubleshooting: Rapid identification and resolution of electrical issues in industrial settings.
  11. Control Panels: Design, construction, and repair of control panels for industrial applications.
  12. Plant Tear Down & Renovation: Electrical services for tearing down and renovating industrial plants.
  13. Condition Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring to ensure the optimal condition of industrial electrical systems.
  14. Power Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of power usage for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  15. Predictive Maintenance: Proactive maintenance measures to prevent potential issues.
  16. Thermography: Infrared thermographic inspections for identifying electrical system anomalies.
  17. Failure Analysis: In-depth analysis of electrical failures to prevent future occurrences.
  18. 120V and 220V Circuits: Installation and maintenance of circuits for various voltage requirements.
  19. 277V and 480V Circuits: Handling higher voltage circuits for industrial applications.
  20. Breakers & Fuses: Inspection, repair, and replacement of breakers and fuses.
  21. Computer Wiring Cat6, Cat5: Specialized wiring for industrial computer networks.
  22. Code Corrections: Rectification of electrical code violations to ensure compliance.
  23. Conduit Installation: Installation of conduits for organized and protected wiring systems.
  24. Control Panel Construction: Custom construction of control panels for industrial use.
  25. Control Panel Repair: Troubleshooting and repair services for industrial control panels.
  26. Control Wiring: Wiring services for control systems in industrial settings.
  27. Electrical Prints of a Dwelling: Creation and interpretation of electrical prints for industrial structures.
  28. Electric Meter, Service Relocation: Services related to electric meter management and relocations.
  29. Electrical and Lighting Repairs and Installations: Comprehensive services for industrial electrical and lighting systems.
  30. Electrical Outlets 120V to 3 Phase 480V: Installation and maintenance of electrical outlets across different voltage phases.
  31. Electrical Panel Installation up to 3 Phase: Installation of electrical panels for industrial power distribution.
  32. Dedicated Circuits: Installation and maintenance of dedicated circuits for specific industrial equipment.
  33. Energy-Efficient Lighting: Implementation of energy-efficient lighting solutions for industrial spaces.
  34. Exhaust Fan Installation: Installation and maintenance of exhaust fans for industrial ventilation.
  35. Expert Troubleshooting: Skilled diagnosis and resolution of industrial electrical issues.
  36. Halogen, Sodium & Metal Halide: Expertise in handling various types of industrial lighting.
  37. High Voltage Wiring: Services involving high-voltage wiring for industrial applications.
  38. Lighting Fixtures: Installation and maintenance of various industrial lighting fixtures.
  39. Lighting Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance services to ensure optimal industrial lighting performance.
  40. Panel Circuit Identifications: Identification and labeling of circuits within industrial electrical panels.
  41. Panel Tune-Ups: Comprehensive tune-up services for industrial electrical panels.
  42. Panel Upgrades: Upgrading industrial electrical panels for increased capacity and safety.
  43. Lighting Control Service and Installation: Implementation of lighting control systems for industrial efficiency.
  44. Parking Lot Lighting: Installation and maintenance of lighting for industrial parking lots.
  45. Three-Phase Wiring: Electrical services for three-phase systems commonly used in industrial settings.
  46. Timers, Motion Sensors & Flood Lights: Installation and maintenance of timing and sensing devices for industrial lighting.
  47. Transformer Upgrades & Installations: Upgrading and installing transformers for industrial power distribution.
  48. Rob Roy Conduit Systems: Implementation of robust conduit systems for industrial wiring.
  49. Class 1 Division 2 Work: Specialized electrical work compliant with hazardous location classifications.
  50. Ridged Galvanized Conduit Systems: Installation of durable galvanized conduit systems for industrial applications.

Our Industrial Electrical Services are designed to meet the unique challenges of industrial environments, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your electrical infrastructure.