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Everyone knows Cancun is one of the most beatiful tourist locations in Mexico. The beaches are some of the world’s greatest, the area is safe compared to many other places , and there is plenty to do for every type of tourist. Here is a list of ten-top-reasons why Cancun is the most popular vacation destination for Americans.

Traveling to Cancun is Stress-Free

Cancun is located in the Southern part of Mexico, only a short 3 and a half hour flight from NYC and 4 and half from Los Angeles, making it simple an quick to get to Cancun from anywhere in the U.S.

Cancun Covers Miles of the World’s Finest Beaches

As mentioned before, Cancun is famous for some of the highest quality beaches in the world. Coral reefs and sea-life in the waters surrounding the peninsula. There are companies, such as https://www.oscarcancunshuttle.com/, that provide Cancun airport transfers so that you can begin enjoying these world-class beaches ASAP!

Sports a Lively Nightlife

Cancun has activities for all types of travelers, both during the day and after the sun sets (which is always a gorgeous sight in Cancun!). There’s snorkeling on the reef, and perfect places for margarita-sipping and relaxation, and much more! When nighttime rolls around, there are just as many opportunities for fun!

Accommodates even the most Frugal Folks

Cancun provides hotels for everyone: family-friendly and inexpensive, and adult-only elite resorts. Getting to your hotel of choice is very easy, Cancun airport transfers are available from Oscar’s Cancun Shuttles at affordable prices for your convenience.

The Dining Experiences

Mexican-cuisine is one of the most popular cultural fares in America, and Cancun takes it to the next level! With talented and world renowned chefs using fresh-caught seafood and local Caribbean ingredients, you can’t beat Cancun’s dining!

City-Life is Delightful

Cancun isn’t just beaches, ocean and resorts, but it’s also a spirited metropolis. There are numerous shops, art galleries, and cafes to check out.

Adventurous Activities Around

If swimming with sharks, scuba-diving in the Great Mayan Reef, or check out the famous Underwater Museum sounds like your cup-of-tea, Cancun is the vacation destination for you! There are plenty of water sports and other activities to keep the more adventurous visitors busy.

Top-tier Nightclubs and Beach Parties

Known as Mexico’s best spot for nightlife, Cancun consistently delivers fun social activates for traveling night-owls and daytime gatherings for the social early-to-bed folks.

The Music Scene

With venues and clubs everywhere, Cancun has an impressive music scene. Lounges provide delicious food and drinks on top of talented live performances by jazz, blues, reggae, and salsa musicians.

Constant Festivals

It seems that Cancun is always celebrating life with some festival or another. There is the Day of the Dead festivities, a Jazz Festival, the Cancun-Riviera and Wine Festival, and a good deal more. Both locals and tourists enjoy these huge social events.

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