Common Mode Choke


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Noise on the commercial power cord may enter the device, disrupting the normal function.

The noise generated by the device from, for example, a switch-mode power supply needs to

be filtered, so that the propagation of the generated noise needs to be suppressed. common mode chokes

and Line Bypass Capacitance Construction of an AC Cooperative Choke EMI Noise Filter.


Rated current up to 5A

Compact structure and light weight

Low leakage flux

Segmented winding

Standard footprint

Available inductor and rated current range

Customize a specific version

Schaffner provides you also EMI measurement services to verify that your common mode choke

coil design will pass the necessary safety standards


AC / AC converter

Electronic ballast

Office automation, communications and other electronic equipment

TV, VCR S, multimedia and audio equipment

Filter to reduce leakage noise

Switch-mode power supply to the input filter

more choke and inductor in

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