Fashion star Kit Willow’s big idea to change what Aussie women wear


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The Sydney-based clothing queen had to think ambitiously to realise her dream of creating eco-friendly, sustainable outfits.

And she wants others, from all walks of life, to get aboard My Big Idea and follow their passion to change Australia for the better.

A society that lives more sustainably is Kit’s vision — and it ties into three key My Big Idea goals: accountability, honesty, and care for future generations.

“We’ve already gone too far, and scientists have been warning us for 30 years,” she said, citing climate change and ocean pollution as just two examples of mankind’s reckless treatment of the earth.

That’s why she uses recycled materials, for example to make nylon outfits and zips, plus silks and other nonpolluting products at her label KITX.

And at the base of her mission is a simple idea: “Making women look and feel beautiful, without harming our planet.”

Kit believes ordinary people — not government — are far quicker to identify ideas that can change our society; and she hailed My Big Idea as the perfect opportunity to get them noticed and, potentially, developed.

“There’s so much potential for ideas around sustainability in the world. Australia has been quite slow compared to other countries, at least at a government level.

“Innovation, ideas and evolution are absolutely necessary. That’s why My Big Idea is such a wonderful initiative because it allows anyone to put forward an idea; it’s not about politicians but about ordinary people.”

She urged readers to get aboard — and even if you don’t have an idea to share, to vote on others and offer to help make them real.

“Teamwork is the most important bit about this,” she said.

“It takes a team with different skills to make an idea happen; and resources and time.”Read more at: |

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2016-06-12 22:15

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