Filter out interference without ambiguity How does the inductor work


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Filter out interference without ambiguity How does the inductor work

In the internal structure of the computer power supply, we often see some winding

coil, most consumers will know that this is the inductance. But how does the inductor

work? I believe many consumers are not very clear. In fact, the inductor is a closed

loop in the property, when the closed-loop current changes, the inductor will produce

electromotive force to resist the current changes, this is also called self-

inductance. While the inductance of the induction effect will make another inductor

to produce electromotive force, so the inductance called mutual inductance.

Inductance of this feature in real life is still very wide range of applications, we

are the most common mode choke coil
. This inside the main power supply is used to filter out interference, making the

circuit current does not change much, so that the power supply to run more stable. So

how does the inductor work? Next, we will give you a brief introduction.

In fact, the inductor is made of conductive material coiled core, we are common is

the copper wire wound on the core. Especially in the computer power supply, this

inductance is very common. Here’s a look, what we call the inductance of it.

Inductance is divided into self-inductance and mutual inductance

According to the law of electromagnetic induction, we can know that when there is

current in the differential choke coil the coil will have a magnetic field around. When the current changes, the

surrounding magnetic field should also have a corresponding change in the magnetic

field can change the coil itself to produce induced electromotive force, the

electromotive force will be against the current changes, this is called self-

inductance. When two inductors close to each other, the magnetic field of an inductor

coil changes will affect the other inductance coil, and this is called mutual


Finally, we come to the conclusion that the inductance is actually a conductive

material wound coil, and the coil is a characteristic of electromagnetic induction,

so the coil is what we call inductance.

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