Home wireless router setting method


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Home wireless router setting method
Although the cats donated at the time of the initial installation of the telecommunications network have Huawei OptiX OSN 1800 Series Products Price and Specs functions, their routing functions have been largely neutered and are extremely inconvenient to use. Most families choose to set up their own home routers. To prevent the conflict between the default address of smart wireless cats and routers, Caused the setup to fail, so when connecting the hardware, we do not connect the outside line first, set up the router first, then connect, forgive me for a long time, but this step is very important.
1, hardware connection
First, a network cable connected to the router LAN mouth, the mouth of any one of the above 4 can be, the other end connected to the computer, because some of the default router address is some, so this time we need to use the DOS command look The IP address of the router. Refer to tutorial: How to set the IP address to the computer
XP System Click Start – Run – type cmd and press Enter, (or shortcut + key + R) to enter the command prompt, enter ipconfig /all in the blinking position of the XP If the system is XP please see: Default Gateway address, if Win7 system please see the default Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 U16 Series Products Price and Specs gateway address under IPV4, shown is the router address.
2, router settings
Open the browser, enter the router address in the address bar, for example: enter the user name and password, the instructions are, (generally TPLINK default user name and password are admin if the D-link user name is admin password is empty, please Operation manual or see the label behind the router.)

After entering the setup wizard appears, select PPPOE, enter the next step telecom operators to provide your dial-up account and password, you will be prompted to set up a wireless general, the next step, set up wireless, SSID is your Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 U32 Series Products Price and Specs displays the name, the system will give a default , It can also be customized to modify, WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK behind the wireless password can be set, set the point to complete.
3, connect all network cable
After the software is set up, insert the outside line (telecom operator entrance line or cat out line) into the WAN port of the router. The connection line just remains unchanged and you can connect.
If you still can’t get online, please see troubleshooting
Please check whether the outside line is in the WAN port, and whether the computer connection line is inserted in the LAN port. If it is correct, unplug the WAN port, use the computer to go directly to the router, click "Network parameters" on the left menu, Best Price Huawei 8/16 port GPON/EPON OLT MA5608T LAN port settings The IP address is set to an address above If other MACs and subnet masks do not change, the router will be automatically restarted. If it is not restarted, the router will be powered off and restarted. Generally can be set successfully.

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