Olivia Wilde: ‘Lipstick strikes fear in all men’


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Olivia Wilde
Actress Olivia Wilde has come to realise all men are terrified of lipstick.

The glamorous 32-year-old star admits her fiance Jason Sudeikis “doesn’t love it” when she paints her pout with a bold colour, and she is convinced his aversion to a vibrant makeup mouth is something every male shares.

“All men are terrified of lipstick,” she declares to People magazine. “But girls don’t get dressed up for guys; we get dressed up for girls. So I wear whatever I think looks best.”

Despite her partner’s anti-lipstick stance, Olivia occasionally applies a classic red shade to her pout and contours her mouth with black liner when the pair go out for a date night in a bid to channel gorgeous bygone era beauty queens.

“(I) do my best Sophia Loren impression,” she smiles.

Olivia is a spokeswoman for cosmetics brand Revlon and she loves to use the company’s Pink Truffle shade from the Super Lustrous Lipstick Sheers Collection on her mouth, completing the look by drawing a cat eye design on her lids. This simple go-to makeup technique has proven to be a swift and low-maintenance beauty approach for her over the years.

“I don’t leave the house without a little foundation, concealer and mascara (on),” she explains. “I think that for a lot of women it’s not about disguising yourself, it’s just about giving yourself a little bump in confidence. The older I get, the more I get to know what works best for me. Makeup is not about changing who you are, it’s about understanding your face and highlighting your best features.”

Olivia has become quite the cosmetics pro over the years, learning first from her mother before picking up tips from the numerous talented makeup artists she has worked with throughout her successful career in Hollywood.

“I like to be bold on the red carpet, and the benefit of working with so many brilliant makeup artists is that I get to ask a lot of questions and say, ‘OK, so when I go out next week to that birthday party I am going to try my own version of this with my own tools’,” she shares.Read more at:http://www.marieaustralia.com/short-formal-dresses | http://www.marieaustralia.com/long-formal-dresses

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