The election of the summer drinking glass cup, ceramic cup relatively safe


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Glass: glass during firing does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink water or other drinks with a glass when chemicals need not worry about being drunk into the stomach to go. And the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so use glass water is the healthiest, most secure.[url= ] Electric Forklift CPD15 Electric Forklift Battery Prices[/url]

Ceramic mug: ceramic cup is divided into two. One is the non-glaze painting, wall colorless, the other is colorful. No glaze painting ceramic cup, especially in the inner wall to be colorless, and preferred to drink water. Not only material security, to high temperature, as well as relatively good insulation effect, drink hot water or tea is a good choice.[url= ] Artpaper Custom Made Inches Magazine Online[/url]

On glass pretty colors and cute patterns but might hidden security risks. When poured into a cup of boiling water or acid, high alkaline beverage, these toxic heavy metals such as lead pigment element to be easily dissolved in the liquid, it will cause harm to humans.[url= ] Wholesale Thermal Reheat Food Lunch Box(CGUB)[/url]

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