Why can not enter the default tplink phone password management page?


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Why can not enter the default tplink phone password management page?
Q: Why does not my mobile phone log in to tplogin.cn? Original New Huawei Ma5680T Olt Mainboard For Huawei can not enter tplogin.cn how to do? When setting up the TP-Link router with a mobile phone, after entering tplogin.cn in the mobile browser, you can not enter the setting interface. A: When setting up a TP-Link router or expander with a mobile phone, if the mobile phone can not access the tplogin.cn page, it may be caused by the following reasons:
1, the phone is not connected to the router’s WiFi signal 2, the phone IP address setting problem 3, the input error 5, TP-Link router problem
First, the phone is not connected to the WiFi signal router
Please turn off the mobile data flow on the phone, and then open the phone’s WLAN function, search to connect to the TP-Link Router’s default WiFi signal. IMPORTANT:
(1) If this TP-Link router is newly purchased or has just returned to factory settings, it will not be available to the Internet. When setting it, the phone also needs to search for the WiFi signal connected to the router first, because the prerequisite for setting up the router with the phone is that the phone must first search for the WiFi signal connected to the router. (2), a lot of white users, that the phone can not connect to the Internet after the WiFi, you can not set the router, this is a wrong understanding. Second, the IP address setting problems
When using a mobile phone to set up the Fttx 48V Dc Power Huawei Smartax Gepon Onu Ma5612, the phone’s IP address, you need to set to DHCP, as shown below.
Note the problem:
In general, the IP address on the phone, the default is DHCP this type. However, some users may manually modify the phone’s IP address, if not modified will be DHCP, it will lead to mobile phone access tplogin.cn page. Third, the input error 1, typos when input
Some users enter in the phone browser is misspelled, for example, these are not correct, in the input, please check to ensure that the input is: tplogin.cn 2, the input position error
Some users have their cell phone open the browser, the browser has a Baidu, 360 or other search box, many users habitually entered in the search box, resulting in tplogin.cn page can not be opened.
Need to enter tplogin.cn in the browser address bar, to open the expander settings page. Address bar, is to display the URL of the place, as shown below: 4, TP-Link router problem 1, the router IP address is modified
(1) If the IP address of the LAN port of the TP-Link router is modified, the problem of using tplogin.cn or can not be opened. (2), check the router’s real login address
After the phone connected to the router WiFi signal, check the IP address information obtained under the phone, as shown below. One of the “router” behind the IP, is the router’s real login address, enter the IP address in the browser, you can open the router settings page. 2, the router power reboot
TP-Link router running time is long, there may be some problems such as crashes; or TP-Link router configuration confusion, Will also lead to Win7 computer can not open tplogin.cn login screen. At this time, please unplug your TP-Link router’s power adapter, plug in a few minutes, and then re-enter in the Win7 computer’s browser tplogin.cn, see if you can open the < 3, reset the router If the above methods have tried, or can not open the tplogin.cn settings interface, this time you can reset your TP-Link router, which is restored to the factory Settings, and then try again to see if you can open the tplogin.cn page. (1), in the body of the TP-Link router has a reset button, the general mark is: RESET, Reset, WPS / RESET these few Kind of; Please find this reset button on your TP-Link router now. (2) When the TP-Link router is plugged in, press and hold the reset button without loosening, and then observe the condition of the indicator. When all the indicator lights go out and blink again, It indicates that the factory reset is successful and the Gepon Olt Onu Huawei Gpon Olt 2 Port
is restarted normally. At this time, release the reset button.

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