Youths go green for a week


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It was in this meeting, they began discussing a documentary titled, No Impact Man. This documentary revolved around a New Yorkbased family and their quest to go completely green. From that point on, the three friends decided that they will each go local, toilet paper- less and plastic-less for a week.

Ramkissoon represented TT this year at the World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey.

For the 22-year-old who did not have access to a vehicle for that week, he had to look for products that were easily accessible in groceries and local stores. This meant that the product had to be manufactured and distributed right here in TT. As one imagined, this was difficult but not impossible. For him, if searching an extra 15 minutes for a product that could support TT’s economy and the local people, then it would be much better. Products ranged from hair and skin care items to food items.

Persad decided that he wanted to go plastic- less, however, he was not able to do so entirely.

In TT, it is impossible to stay away from plastics as most things consist of it such as cars and electronics. At first, it was easier said than done but getting into the habit it was easy. He said, “The experience was amazing, I took away two things, if we want to make a change, it takes effort and sometimes we have to realise that some things are not necessities but a luxury.” Stephanie stayed away from toilet paper because she was intrigued to know if using water was more hygienic than toilet paper. After a day, she said it became easy.

She worked from home so it was not difficult, however she thought that being away from home would curtail such actions. For the week, she said she only used toilet paper once as she had to leave home.

Stephanie among the two boys encouraged them to keep a journal of the experience and encouraged them to write for her blog, “No fashion victims.” She wanted to make her blog relevant and easy to identify with. Stephanie would encourage anyone.

All three participants thought that it was worth the attempt.Read more at: |

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