Introduction to 2000 Gold LLC

Introduction to 2000 Gold LLC:

2000 Gold LLC is an engineering and construction company that specializes in providing comprehensive integrated services, with a focus on system integration design and construction for high-tech industrial facilities.

Professional Team: 2000 Gold LLC team is composed of experienced professionals capable of addressing the complex system requirements of technology parks.

Key Business Offerings:

  1. Technology Park System Pipeline Engineering: We provide comprehensive system pipeline engineering services, including planning, design, construction, and system integration, ensuring the smooth operation of technology parks.
  2. Engineering Integration and Construction: With a core focus on “comprehensive integration services,” we are committed to assisting clients in achieving efficient engineering integration. This includes engineering consulting, cleanroom design, HVAC systems, power systems, and related projects.
  3. Professional Services for High-Tech Industrial Plant Construction: Leveraging rich experience, we specialize in providing system integration design and construction for the establishment of high-tech industrial plants, including secondary piping projects.